Anonymous asked
i sAW YOure active again, and i literally was like "hOLy shit there is a god" i love this blog and your art and kfjgkjhd youre precious and thank you for having this blog. have a good day fellow blogger. uvu

((I am! That unannounced hiatus was long and unintentional, but I think I’m going to stick with the style of the most recent ask so I can get things out to you guys quicker. I have a few that I really really want to answer, and I’m definitely not lacking on questions. Thanks so much for the support, and you have a wonderful day as well! ))

karklessenpai asked
this isn't a question but you're art is freaking amazing, and the cronkri stuff oh my god thank you for this blog.

((Thanks so much! You don’t know how much I love drawing Kankri ships though. :’D Admittedly, I don’t do it often, but I should. Thank you for the support! <3 ))

To those of you that are still actively following this blog:

Would you rather I keep the pace fairly slow and continue to do full color responses, or should I crank out answers a little quicker with sketchy/monochromatic pictures?

linguistic-pancakes asked
omg i love your blog so much. The artwork and responses and comics just YES thank you for being so awesome

((Thank you so much! That was a wonderful thing to wake up to. I’ll try to keep doing my thing. Thanks for the support!))

beautifulhalo--marketing asked
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i-am-aiden asked
dis kankri serious dis is a trash can throws my life away IM SO DONE

((Hahaha! I’ll take that as a compliment. Thank you! It will get more obnoxious from here on out. c; ))

((So just to let you guys know… my askbox is currently closed. I have 60+ replies to get to, and I promise that I’ll get to them asap, but submitting questions via fanmail won’t make me get to them any faster… If you have any questions, ect. though that aren’t meant for this blog, head over to this blog and ask away. Thanks!))