i-am-aiden asked
dis kankri serious dis is a trash can throws my life away IM SO DONE

((Hahaha! I’ll take that as a compliment. Thank you! It will get more obnoxious from here on out. c; ))

((So just to let you guys know… my askbox is currently closed. I have 60+ replies to get to, and I promise that I’ll get to them asap, but submitting questions via fanmail won’t make me get to them any faster… If you have any questions, ect. though that aren’t meant for this blog, head over to this blog and ask away. Thanks!))

((It’s just occurred to me how inactive I’ve been for this account lately. I’ll try to get myself rolling again really soon. This particular blogger has recently been to a convention, and that was digging into my art time. Kankri will resurface pretty soon though. The askbox is still unfortunately closed just because of the sheer volume of asks I have for the time being, but that will be announced once it’s open. Hold onto your questions for now, and I’ll hopefully answer them as soon as possible! Thank you guys so much for sticking with me and giving this blog so much support. I don’t know how to thank you all with as much sincerity as I mean. c’: ))

((I’m going to need to close the inbox for now))

((I have 60+ asks for the time being, and I can’t really keep up with them. If you have a question, hold onto it for now until I can get the number back down to a manageable level. If anyone has any questions for the mod, head on over to DigitalCrayon and submit them there. Thanks! ))

Anonymous asked
going through the blog and seeing how much the art has improved wowowow teach me your ways

((Oh wow, thank you, Anon~))

((In all honesty, I just keep practicing. I’ve looked at tutorials and tried out different techniques. I know my style’s changed for this blog so much, and I really really have to thank everyone for putting up with it.. » But I’m still learning, and it’s so much fun~ Studying other art styles is the best way for me to improve, and yes, sometimes I get frustrated, but it happens. If you really want to “learn my ways,” try learning from real life and stylized cartoons. Even taking screenshots of something and tracing loose shapes to study a style is really helpful. [Just don’t trace anything and post it. That only spells trouble.] There are so many ways to improve, and so many things to keep learning~ ))

((Your comment really means a lot to me though. It makes me really feel like I’m getting some appreciation for what I love to do. c’: So again, thank you. <3 ))

((If you can’t read my sloppy handwriting…))

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((Note: This is a response to this very outdated and nsfw answer.))