First 9ff, this is MY 6l9g. If y9u w9uld like t9 talk t9 Cr9nus, y9u sh9uld ask him y9urself.

Sec9nd, what 9n 6ef9rus makes y9u think that was an 9kay thing t9 ask? F9r y9ur inf9rmati9n, Cr9nus may 6e (f9rgive my language) an assh9le at s9me p9ints, 6ut he is N9T a tr9ll that w9uld f9rce himself up9n me with9ut my c9nsent, even if I were t9 6e under the influence. If y9ur 9nly evidence that he w9uld d9 such a thing is the small incident with Mituna, keep in mind that the 9nly thing he did was T9UCH HIS SH9ULDER. Mituna may n9t like that, but Cr9nus did n9t c9mmit any type 9f sexual harassment. Assuming that a pers9n w9uld rape an9ther is a vile th9ught and is n9t s9mething that sh9uld 6e shared with the general pu6lic.

My 9nly answer t9 y9u is that he w9uld pr9tect me with9ut the slightest th9ught. He w9uld N9T rape me. He w9uld n9t rape ANY69DY. Cr9nus is a tr9ll wh9 is r9ugh ar9und the edges, 6ut that is a6s9lutely n9 reas9n t9 insult him in such a way. He is str9ng, 6ut he c9ntr9ls his strength. He d9es n9t use it t9 his advantage, n9r d9es he want t9. Yes, I 6elieve he wants t9 fill his quadrants, 6ut what tr9ll d9esn’t? That d9es n9t mean he is willing t9 f9rce himself up9n any tr9ll 9r human that he may see. It 9nly means that he is searching f9r s9me9ne t9 share a relati9nship with, 6e it red 9r 6lack, sexual 9r plat9nic. He is searching f9r a c9nsensual partner, and that is n9t neg9tia6le. Amp9ra d9es n9t need any lip fr9m an an9n such as y9urself, and certainly d9es n9t need t9 res9rt t9 any such 6ehav9ir 9r such desperate measures.

N9w… try this 9n f9r th9ught: what if that had actually happened t9 him? What if he had underg9ne s9me s9rt 9f harassment when he was a wiggler? What if that s9rt 9f speech was a trigger f9r him and sent him int9 an unwanted em9ti9nal state? Su6jecting him t9 that after s9mething seri9us had happened is inc9nsiderate and a6s9lutely dispica6le. It seems t9 me that y9u d9 n9t think anything 9f his feelings and 9nly wish t9 get s9me s9rt 9f sexual gratificati9n 9ut 9f an unwarranted questi9n.

In c9nclusi9n, a pers9n 9f Tumblr sh9uld kn9w 6etter than t9 ask that. I am n9t thrilled by that usage 9f language, and I am very 9ffended with the lack 9f c9mpassi9n y9u gave my friend. I expect that in the future, I will receive much m9re refined questi9ns.

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